March Coffee Break

In this March coffee break, we’re talking books, honeymoon planning and recipes to try!

March coffee break - veggie burger

Spring is officially here in the Okanagan and I couldn’t be happier. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter (yes, really), but there’s something about spring that makes me so happy. The sun is out more often, the days are getting longer, the air is warmer. All in all, it makes me feel energized and I know I’m not the only one.

Not only is the weather improving, but this spring holds so much excitement for me. So many things are happening over the next few months and I can’t wait.

I have a big shift in my career and I’m so excited to announce all of it next month. I promise it’s coming soon!

Second, in only a few months, I’m flying back to Moncton to visit with family and friends for the first time in a year. While I’m independent and I love living in a new city alone with Shaun, I really do miss everyone!

Finally, Shaun and I are really getting into our wedding planning because, yes, we’re getting married in September. Time goes by so fast; I can’t believe it. It’s been a year and a half now since we got engaged (it feels like it was yesterday) and now we’re months away from getting married. Crazy.

Then there’s this whole eBook thing, which I’m really excited about. Oh and Shaun and I are both turning a quarter of a century in April.

So yes, lots of exciting things happening from now until September.

March wasn’t as exciting around here, so this month’s coffee break post is quite short. Get your favorite drink (I’m obsessed with this creamy matcha) and let’s get right into it.

Currently Reading

I’m reading some good books this month, one of my favorites being The Giver. I also listened to Narnia (Prince Caspian) as an audio book. I love listening to audio books whenever I go out for a walk!

Honeymoon Planning

We’re planning on going to Europe on our honeymoon. We’re not sure for how long yet, but we’re hoping we’ll be there for a while.

Do you have any must-see places? I would love your suggestions! London is definitely on our list, but we want to see so much more. Let me know if you have any favorite spots!

Recipes to Try

Does anyone else feel like there are too many recipes to try and not enough meals in the day? These are just a few on my to-try list this month:

This buffalo cauliflower pizza.

Almond flour chocolate chip cookies. I’ve been getting a lot of requests for almond flour recipes lately, so I’m slowly getting into it. Natalie has so many good almond flour recipes!

Smoky Tempeh Black Bean Burger because BBQ season is on its way. Plus, tempeh.

Favorites from the Blog

matcha in a cup

Coconut Blender Matcha – As I said earlier, I’m obsessed with this drink and so many of you said you love it too!

chocolate oatmeal in a bowl

Chocolate Hazelnut Overnight Oats – This was definitely the most popular recipe on the blog this month.

cake with berries

Spiced Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting – For your Easter celebrations next month.

Cozy Carrot Cake Oatmeal seen from the top in a bowl

Cozy Carrot Cake Oatmeal – In the spirit of carrot cake season.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for a really good giveaway coming early April on Instagram!

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