Time for a Change: Welcome to Nourished by Caroline!

Goodbye Unsweetened Caroline and hello Nourished by Caroline! It’s time for a change and I’m so excited to finally share this new chapter with you.

Nourished by Caroline

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that I started Unsweetened Caroline after struggling with what I was told was a sugar addiction, 5 years ago. At that time, I was just starting my bachelor’s in nutrition and I didn’t exactly know better. I believed what I was told and I did what was suggested: I stopped eating added sugar.

Years passed and I feel differently about all of this. I finished my bachelor’s degree in nutrition and I worked with eating disorder patients, diabetics and many other populations. The more I practiced nutrition, the more uncomfortable I became restricting sugar. It didn’t feel right.

As I’m sharing my story and my recipes here with you guys, I want to make sure that I don’t give off the wrong impression. Of course I haven’t been promoting quitting sugar or going on low-carb diets, but I’m scared that people don’t see that. I’m scared that people get the wrong idea and get convinced that they should quit sugar. I don’t want to promote restrictions and I don’t want to be a part of diet culture.

Nourished by Caroline

When I started working on my private practice, Nourished by Caroline, I decided to keep it separate from my recipes because I didn’t want my practice to represent restrictions. I don’t promote quitting sugar to my clients, so I kept both separate.

That’s where I was wrong. If I felt the need to separate both businesses because one didn’t represent what I promoted to clients, then why did I continue with Unsweetened Caroline? Good question.

Over the years, I slowly changed what I shared on Unsweetened Caroline. I never mentioned anything about sugar anymore, I just shared recipes that were sweetened with fruits. While I still love those recipes and I’ll continue to share some, I’m now ready to take it one step further. I’m finally combining my private practice and my recipes. To do so, my content will change to reflect my values as a person and as a dietitian.

What Can You Expect from Nourished by Caroline?

Nourished by Caroline represents everything I believe in when it comes to health and nutrition.

In my practice, I work with a non-diet, weight-neutral approach. This means, I help others improve their relationship with food and improve their health by changing behaviours, not the number on the scale. I don’t take food away from my clients. Instead, I encourage adding food back into their lives. I help my clients stop dieting and find peace with food and their bodies.

I don’t believe in diets. I believe that working on improving your relationship with food is the most important thing you can do for your health. Much more important than eating a “perfect” diet, whatever that may be.

Nourished by Caroline represents all of this.

That being said, I remain a plant-based dietitian, both for ethical and environmental reasons. Of course all eaters are welcomed! I’ll continue to share vegan and vegetarian recipes, but I’ll share so much more.

Here’s what you can expect as far as content:
  • Simple vegan and vegetarian recipes. I want to make plant-based cooking fun and approachable for all eaters!
  • Fruit sweetened snacks, delicious “real” sweetened desserts and anything in between!
  • More nutrition content. Mostly focused on plant-based eating, gentle nutrition and improving your relationship with food.
  • Some wellness posts, such as exercise, self-care and other aspects of health. All science-based and within my scope of practice of course.
  • A few personal posts, including my health journey, our adventures and travel or restaurant guides.

We redesigned the website to better serve you. My private practice and recipes are all in one place!

Where to Start?

You’ll also find me on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest under Nourished by Caroline. Again, my private practice and recipes have been combined! I simply changed the names of my old Unsweetened Caroline pages.

I’m ready for a change and I hope you are too! I hope this place will inspire you to eat more plants, improve your relationship with food and stop dieting.

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Nourished by Caroline

I’m Caroline, a registered dietitian located in Kelowna, British Columbia. I focus on plant-based nutrition and intuitive eating. I believe in living a balanced life, while eating the food you love. Learn more about my practice here or book an appointment today!


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