Services & Rates

Looking for support while you shift towards a healthier lifestyle? Struggling with a chronic illness? Interested in a plant-based diet or managing food restrictions? A dietitian can help! Find a service below to help you move towards your goals.

Note that all services are currently only available by video counselling, except for grocery store tours and kitchen makeovers. In-person counselling will be available within the next year! If you’re in the Vernon area, contact me to discuss in-person options.

Services are available to all Canadians, except for residents of PEI, Quebec and Alberta. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dietitian counselling may be covered by your insurance. Contact your insurance provider to review your policy.

Initial Assessment 120$

Your first visit will be focused on assessing your needs and objectives. We’ll then work together on developing a plan to help you meet your health goals. This session will last one hour and fifteen minutes and can then be followed by 60 or 30 minute follow-ups for additional support.

Follow-Up (60 minutes) 90$

If you’re looking for a longer, more intensive follow-up, this one is for you. A one hour follow-up is best when you’re starting to make changes and need more support.

Follow-Up (30 minutes) 50$

A quick follow-up visit to check in with the dietitian. This session is best if you’ve been to several visits already and simply want accountability or new questions you want answered.

Grocery Store Tour 130$

Includes 1 hour with the dietitian, directly in your grocery store. Learn how to read labels, choose healthy products and discover new ingredients to try!

Healthier in 6 Months 325$

This program includes a 1 hour initial assessment and five 30 minute follow-up sessions with the dietitian. It’s designed to support you through your shift towards a healthier lifestyle.

Kitchen Makeover 375$

This program includes a 1 hour assessment, a 1 hour grocery store tour and 1 hour in your own home to help transform your kitchen. You’ll learn how to plan your meals, how to read labels and how to shop for healthier ingredients.

Personalized Meal Plan 425$

If you’re looking for a personalized meal plan, this is the program for you! You’ll get a one hour session, where the dietitian will assess your needs and preferences. This will be followed by a 1 hour follow-up, where you’ll receive your meal plan and learn how to use it. Your personalized meal plan will include 2 weeks worth of recipes tailored to your needs and taste, plus the nutrition facts for each meal and day.